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Keerthi enterprises is started by netting industry experts called Mr.Anji Duda, who has more than 5years of experience in safety netting service. We primarily offering netting for safety purposes. Nowadays we could see capital cities growing aggressively by real estate boom. As this result people got adjusted to stay at tall towers like apartments. Since everyone likes to keep their premises clean, but birds like pigeons will spoil the atmosphere. This is where we came to know into picture, and we started to working for prevention of birds.

Our main goal is to provide cost effective and most reliable and durable products to our clients. We proud to say that we established 1000+ customers all over in Bangalore. Our safety nets are highly demanded in Bangalore as well as nearby growing cities. We offer all types safety nets, they are balcony nets, construction safety nets, children safety nets, coconut safety nets, all types of sports nets and few more.



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